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Cathy Sheppard

An expert at creating Workplaces that Work, Leader that Works, Teams that Work!
About me,

I am passionate about empowering people, leaders and teams - transforming businesses and changing people’s lives.


I do this through helping people understand others, and raising awareness of how behaviour and culture affects relationships.

Since starting my company BSI People Skills, I have seen many organisations start their journey towards becoming Workplaces that Work by getting the most out of their leaders and teams!

As a highly experienced facilitator, I thrive when given the opportunity to help people learn more about themselves and others, reduce conflict and create Leaders that Work, and Teams that Work, creating productive workplaces with low staff turnover and high staff satisfaction.

I have around 30 years experience in education, training and development, with people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. I have lived and worked in both Japan and New Zealand. Since 2017, I have also been working in Bangladesh and Nepal, developing senior executives, teachers, university students, training in emotional intelligence, and empowering youth.

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Cathy Sheppard,

Founder, CEO & Top Trainer 

BSI People Skills