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A Little Bit of Advice from A.A. Milne

Lisa recently heard a quote and has done some reflection, and what she has to say is really amazing! Take second to check it out below.

“Lots of people talk to animals...Not very many listen though...that's the problem."

A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

"Now thinking of this quote currently could take you in many directions, some might think of the climate change debate and the effect that we (the human species) have had on the world  and all it’s inhabitants.

We could reflect on what has been happening in the animal world while we have been locked down and unable to access travel destinations or even our own city centres, how animals have started to venture to these parts as they did years before we came.

We could think of the cruelty that some people inflict on animals, either directly or indirectly.

Maybe it shows my selfish side, but when I heard this quote just the other day I thought of the here and now, of all the noise that has been on social media, (of which I am contributing), and traditional media. And the animals that I thought of was us, humans.

It feels like lots of people have been talking, telling us how to behave, who to see, how to keep safe. Then you get others who have told us we should learn something, become a better version of ourselves, become fitter, work your hours, but also look after your children!!! Then you get the next wave of people who tell us the world is doomed, we are heading for a global economic meltdown, the world we knew will never be the same again.

All of this noise has been around for the last few weeks, and it will continue especially the economic meltdown part. And while I am no economist I fear that it is true, I fear that a wave of global economic challenge is going to wash away lots of what we knew as well as many jobs.

But, we also need to remember to listen, because people are people, we may be facing mass unemployment and we may need to watch every penny, but just look at the queues outside fast food places yesterday, here and around the world people hanker for the familiar. The money they spent yesterday could have been spent in a Supermarket to buy meals for a family, why is that? While there will be many who believe we will go back to ‘normal’ and trading will resume as ‘normal’ there are many who believe business will never be the same again that it will take years to turn around the economic  impact that COVID 19 has had on the world. But if we just keep making that noise, will anyone listen? Are we doing good by predicting all this change or are we making people panic? Should we listen and take people with us, not by taking away, by forecasting doom and gloom but by offering hope for the future.

We all have the power to help shape and create a new world. We have had time to reflect on what is important. As we move from total lock down into freer times what will you take forward with you into this new world, how will you shape it for your family? Your work? Your business? Your community? How will you do this? Can you do it on your own or who can support you?"

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