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BSI People Skills talked with Corran Crispe live on Beach FM about the various challenges people face when they step into a leadership role. A relevant topic for Corran and his wife, who bought Beach FM nine years ago, after Corran had been working in the business as an employee. Yes, this meant his colleagues suddenly became staff, which was a considerable shift in the relationship dynamic.

What the staff were going through; I can only hazard to guess… I wish you guys had been around nine years ago because whoa! We made some big mistakes…

Not all of us would consider ourselves ‘natural leaders’ so the prospect of moving into a leadership role can be daunting. We hear you, and we’re here to tell you that you DO have the skills; you just need to unlock them! Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all method, which thankfully means whatever your personality style, there is a way to lead that will feel natural and help you engage your team to deliver results. With a small amount of training, we can help you identify and unlock the personal and professional strengths that will give you the confidence you need to lead a happy, motivated team.

Some examples of where BSI’s leadership training can be useful include:

· Starting your own business and getting to a point where you need to take on staff

· Buying an established company with an existing team

· Buying/taking over a business that you work in/once worked in

· Being promoted to a leadership role in an organisation

· Taking on a leadership role in an organisation going through a period of change.

Each of these scenarios’ spells changing relationship dynamics for all involved, and all too often we see people moving into positions of leadership without any training or support. Being thrown in the deep end in this way means that not only do people struggle to navigate the challenges that arise, but that their teams can start to feel fragmented, stressed, unsupported, or lost.

Often I’ve seen in my career in radio, that you find someone that’s a really great Sales Rep and they suddenly chuck them into being the Sales Manager, and they just sort of go ‘AHHH!’ and then…they’re not in the business much longer…”

No matter how talented someone might be in their current role, taking on a managerial position in an organisation is a whole different ball game. Getting to grips with a new set of skills and having the strength within yourself to deliver on those skills is a real challenge for some people. This is where BSI People Skills comes in. We are experts at transforming organisations through developing people, and we have the flexibility to assist you with identifying and growing your leadership abilities in a way that feels comfortable for you.

By asking the right questions, giving insightful advice, and providing people with practical tools and support, we work to build each individuals skills, help them understand their mindsets, their vision, and to identify the best ways to interact and communicate with their staff and clients in order to achieve positive outcomes.

We get SO much satisfaction watching new leaders go from strength to strength with fresh confidence and a better understanding of their abilities. Each time we meet we love to hear how what they’ve implemented has worked, before we move on to build directly from that success. Working so responsively means our clients get a completely custom service from start to finish.

If you are looking to step up into a managerial position, be proactive and prevent a whole lot of unnecessary stress and organisational unrest, by taking yourself on a leadership journey with BSI People Skills. Learning how to navigate this new professional realm with confidence, will ensure that you set yourself and your team up for success. Whether you prefer one-on-one support or are looking to attend training with your team, we can customise a solution that works for you.

To speak to us about how we can help you succeed in your current or upcoming leadership role, please feel free to contact us via Facebook (BSI People Skills), LinkedIn (Cathy Sheppard or Lisa Addy), or get in touch using the contact information below:

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