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People! Infuriating. Wonder-full. And everything in between!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Communication is just as important as it has ever been, if not more now that most of it is being conducted online and with people we are pretty much locked down with 24/7!

Sarah, from BSI People Skills, recently wrote this amazing article on people and communication, its power, application and how DiSC helps us make just a little more sense of the noise.

"People! Infuriating. Wonder-full. Mind bogglingly unintelligible, then momentarily sensationally connected. We work with them. We live with them. We pass them in the street; buy things from them; read about their experiences of life. We may even see photos of what they enjoyed for dinner last night. What we don’t always know is how to get the best out of ourselves, and them; and how we can create a space of truly connected collaboration.

The key is in understanding the communication needs of both ourselves and the people we are interacting with. DiSC is an excellent tool to aid us in this endeavour. So what’s this DiSC thing about?

Since so many of us are working from home and surrounded 24x7 by our families let’s use a home life example. I’ve long since known I have a strong need for people getting along, keeping the peace, all will be well in the world if everyone’s happy (S=Steadiness). Last year I had a bombshell moment when I realised that my husband was more or less opposite me in that people-need and for him life needed a structure, accuracy, else he felt stressed (C=Conscientiousness). We’ve since had three daughters who I’ve struggled to understand... until now. “Don’t hug me. Leave my room now. Spit it out Mum. Get to the point!” yup, our eldest prefers the D (= Dominance) style and can seem quite direct and even uncaring to her younger sisters who join their Mum on the “people person” as opposed to “task excellence” side of the circle. One is fully vibrant, energetic, thrives on excitement and social interactions and can be rather over the top and difficult to work with (i = Influence) while the other craves smooth waters and avoids conflict, to the point of finding back doors to have things be said indirectly (back to S). Recognising this variety of priorities and downsides can make a huge difference to family interactions and collaboration. Appreciating that the D&C styles have a strong task and systems focus can relieve me of my irritation at the lower interest they sometimes have in making sure everyone’s ok (remember, this is only my priority, not what’s best for everyone). Facts. Clarity. Minimal emotional fluffiness calls them to hear, see and give of their best. I would trust them to work and complete on any task to a high standard; unlike us i&S’s who can get a bit lost in pulling the people threads together and chasing after the latest new shiny!! Discovering these and more distinctions have created a far more effective family collaboration flow experience for us all.

And actually, when I think about it, the fact that my eldest daughter knows what she does and doesn’t need and has the strength of relationship to be able to say those things to me directly, well I’m super proud of her for that. Goodness knows the world is always in need of a few more strong girls.

What communication and focus preferences do each of your family have?"

If you want to find out more about DiSC and its possible applications, don't hesitate to contact us here!

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