• Cathy Sheppard

The Positive Transition Stage - In More Ways Than One

There will be many feelings that will be brought on by this new transition back to work, different to the ones we are facing currently. Lockdown provided us with many challenges, but also lots of successes. We have learned so much during this time. Some of you learned that you need more human interaction than others, and while this was a challenge when it wasn’t available, think of the positive learning experience this was for you, for your working style and even in your personal life.

My son, for example, has learned that he needs to be around other people. He needs more than just a phone call or a Zoom meeting, but to actually be in the room with people and feed off their energy. Yes, he has struggled, but imagine the things he now knows about himself, and that he will be able to apply and practice throughout the rest of his life.

So, what do we face as we move back into something that resembled our former life?

This transition phase will provide many people with different challenges. So, what are some skills to help you tackle the all too dreaded 'transition phase'?

Make a top 10 list of things you need to do to reset to a positive mindset - before you actually need them

For those of you who attended last Thursday's Wellington Entrepreneur Social, you will remember Paulina Roach spoke about this! 

It seems super simple, but I bet a lot of you don't actually have this list of things written down anywhere. It's important to have this list, written somewhere in physical form so you can refer to it when you need it. While it seems redundant to write this while you're feeling positive "I don't need that now, so I'll just do it later" - you'll thank yourself when you do actually need it and can easily refer to it. I know it was the first thing I did after Thursday night's event!

Identify your values and life goals

This is a great place to start as it allows you to figure out where you want to be headed, and the way in which you want to get there.

In the online webinar 'Leadership in a Crisis', I talked about a tree, and how focusing on the tree, like our goals, makes the journey to the tree easier than focusing on the path.

Watch the recording here: Leadership in a Crisis

It gives us a bigger, more open view of change. It’s interesting how by not focusing on the path so much, change becomes something less all-consuming.

Imagine you are driving a car to your friend’s place. You see yourself getting there and set out on the normal route that you have in your mind. But there is a road closure. You have an end goal in mind already, and so adapting your planned route is easier than if you were just driving aimlessly, right?

Having life goals and values is exactly like this.

Let go

This is easier said than done, to be honest. We are creatures of habit, and therefore we like things done the same way. But sometimes you just need to let go of the old ways to make way for new methods. Restrictions are going to force some of this, but it is super important to keep an open mindset and let go of some of the old ways of doing things.

There is a blog post on mindset here on our blog if you missed our newsletter, or just need a little refresher ;)

Expect to feel uncomfortable and don’t be in a rush

Feeling uncomfortable is all part of change. It is normal, so keep reminding yourself of that every time you feel a little off. It will pass. Often, we know these things, but it is important to rinse and repeat this in our minds – remind ourselves three times a day if we have to, that what we are feeling is valid and justified.

And lastly, don’t be in a rush to make other massive life changes

This is the time when routine, and a solid one at that, is important. Making other massive life changes at this time will only make the transition phase more extreme.

These tips don't just apply to the situation we are facing now. They are transferable skills that you can apply any time you might be going through a transition time. Whether this is starting a new job, moving house or even moving countries, the death of a loved one or even marriage, any type of change in life can bring these sorts of feelings on.

Just know that what you are feeling is valid and okay, and that using these small little tips, will help to make that transition phase just that little bit easier!

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