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"With everything going on, what can I do to stay focused?!"

Thursday 26th March 2020 Newsletter

A productive mindset and your ability to self regulate are the most important things in uncertain times.

Change of routine and not knowing what will be happening in a month, let alone tomorrow, can really impact on your mindset and your ability to stay positive. So, how do we ensure we can keep a mindset that allows us to make sure we make it through these uncertain times?

Below are just a few tips for how you can help to ensure your mindset stays where it needs to be so you can thrive over the next month!

First and foremost, I want to say it is okay to have a bad day. There is a prevailing belief in society that bad days aren’t productive, so we push those feelings down and try to push through it without actually trying to understand why we are feeling the way we are feeling. Mindset is about learning about yourself, your triggers, why you feel certain ways about certain things and learning techniques and tools to deal with those things.

So, what does a bad day look like to you? Decide how long you need for a bad day. Do you need the whole day or is an hour enough? One of my sons recently had some major life altering news, and at the beginning he needed a whole day for his bad days. Weeks on, he’s now at the stage where if something triggers those feelings, he is able to go away and work on that for an hour – “right, I need an hour to have a bad day”, and then he comes back and keeps moving forward.

Routine is honestly so important for mindset.

Keep getting up at the same time as you usually do. This doesn’t mean wake up and scroll on Facebook for Instagram until you have to start working either. Just because you no longer have to drive to work and battle the traffic shouldn’t mean you lie in for longer!

This also means getting dressed to work from home like you normally would too! If you wear a suit, put on a suit. Working in your pyjamas might seem super enticing, but so much of getting into that work mindset happens when you are getting dressed for work in the morning.

How is the space you are working in at home? Does it make you feel good? Or is it not suitable? If you are uncomfortable and don’t want to be there, it won’t be helping your mindset. Try making some adjustments to the space so feel comfortable. Maybe take this time to splash out a little more and get your place feeling like somewhere you actually want to spend some time, if you don’t already! You’ll be shocked at the effect this has on your mindset.

This could also mean clearing out your wardrobe, cupboards or anything else that you feel has built up around you while you’ve been managing the craziness of everyday working life.

The whole “tidy space, tidy mind” saying is actually very true. It will help you to feel like you have a little more control over your space amongst everything that is happening in the wider world!

I know these are just a few small things you can do, but at the centre of them all is one theme. Staying proactive and acting proactively rather than destructively. The difference between the two is huge.

We have many more techniques to help keep your mindset sharp in an upcoming package specifically designed at refocusing mindset during tough times. Keep an eye on our online communities if you’re interested!

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